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Yet there is very little masonic literature relevant to this matter. 1743 the Lodge Aux trois Etoiles flamboyantes (Three flaming Stars) in Neuchatel (now in Switzerland, then a Prussian principality) received from the Trs Juste et Parfaite Loge aux Trois Globes (in Berlin) a Warrant dated thus; ...

The present paper attempts to arrange masonic dating codes into rough categories and to provide practical methods of deciphering them, that is, converting dates written in a coded way into our present-day chronology. Le neuvime Jour du Cinguime Mois, IAn de notre Style MMDCCLI...

Because of the limited length permitted for this essay and of its practical aims, little space will be devoted to the historical aspect of these codes; the reasons for their appearance and their fall into desuetude, and the examples given, will be restricted to the period 1723 1823. (the Ninth day of the Fifth Month, the Year of our Style MMDCCLI).

Coded expressions generally tend to restrict the access of certain facts to small groups through the use of conventional, mostly secret, methods. This Warrant in the French language was recently published in the Bundesblatt (1984, Nr.

Throughout this paper the expression masonic dating codes describes the various ways by which freemasons expressed dates on documents drawn up for internal use when these dating methods differ from our present-day chronology.

Since ascertaining dates is probably as useful as determining facts in the field of masonic research, a knowledge of such codes can be useful.

In a way this is not a code because for orthodox Jews, familiar with this method of reckoning, such dates are perfectly clear and immediately understandable. Revised and confirmed with sundry Alterations on the 10th Day of April, AO 1809 published by Bro. For instance, a letter from the Mother-Lodge in Bordeaux (document No.

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From the point of view of historical research, this can be considered as an interesting source of information. This might be construed as the date of the completion of Solomons temple, which is given in Andersons Constitutions as 1004 B. This code was frequently used on documents issued in France or by French Brethren.

Our current chronology, the one we use every day, provides one of the two main bases used by masonic codes. The first month of the given year, which is mostly indicated as part of the + 4000 year code, refers to the month of March, not January.

This aspect seldom appears relevant to the use of masonic dating codes, the majority of 18th- and 19th-century documents being dated in clear (in our current chronology) as well as in one or several coded ways at the same time. Parkinson having checked forty-four manuscript certificates, 'ranging in date from 1783 to 1845, gives quite a variety of dating codes and writes: A certificate granted by a Lodge in the 27th Foot, dated 1787, gives the Epoch of R. 10) of the Grosse National-Mutterloge Zu Den Drei Weltkugeln in Berlin (which joined the United Grand Lodges of Germany in 1959). That coded date, MMDCCLI or 2751, is equal to the clear date 1743.

It seems more likely that for those masons who made use of them, the function of dating codes was either to express their actual or wishful ties to specific traditions or their dissimilarity from other masonic groups. The Year of our Style alludes to : 2751 1743 = 1008.

It is generally called the Gregorian Calendar (or New Style) because it was devised by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Consequently the 12th month of the masonic year 5772 should be decoded as February 1773, not 1772. in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite lists the names at that date of the office-bearers of a Supreme Council 33 for the French West Indies.... Lindsay bears the following date: le 21Its use was prescribed by the Rglements de la Trs Respectable et Parfaite Loge d Ecosse (Regulations of the Most Respectable and Perfect Scottish Lodge) constituted in St.Almost immediately introduced in the Catholic States of Europe, the change was only adopted in Great Britain in 1750 (Calendar Act) and put into operation two years later, whilst at the same time the beginning of the legal year was changed from March 25 to January l. that 1314 is an important date not only in the Templars History but in the Royal Order of Scotland ones as well, as being the Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn (see Lindsay, The Royal Order of Scotland, pp. Further codes are alluded to in various books such as : a +1000 code which should correspond to Anno Depositionis, used in Royal and Select Masters documents; a +2000 code found on Royal Arch documents of Irish origin, quoted in Jones Freemasons Book o( the Royal Arch, p. Even experienced masonic authors got confused with this. 41: This he (Grasse-Tilly) had certainly achieved by 21st February 1801 if not before because the official Bulletin of the Supreme Council 33 for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction U. Pierre de la Martinique (French Windward Islands) on 24 June 1750 (typewritten transcription by Bro. 13381 A, published in Villard de Honnecourt, Tome X, 1974) whose article 37 prescribed: The month of June is the first month of the Scottish Lodge.