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First, I have not seen some old, classical papers such as Burmeister, 1861; Curtis, 1829, 1834-1837; Latreille, 1804, 1829; Reich, 1795; Say, 1823, among others (I hope to add these publications at some later time). Entomologische Beihefte aus Berlin-Dahlem 2:1-160, pls. Second, many papers are published in regional periodicals or books that are not widely circulated and can only be obtained with considerable effort (many such papers are of little general interest, being just lists of commonly collected species from within the known range). Zweiter Band, N-Z mit einem systematischen Sachenregister, 512 pp. Entomologische Berichte, published in Berlin, and Entomologische Berichten, published in Amsterdam, are not considered identical. Being a selected list of the books and prints of Diptera taxonomy from the beginning of Linnean zoological nomenclature to the end of the year 1930; containing information on the biographies, bibliographies, types, collections, and patronymic genera of the authors listed in this work; including detailed information on publication dates, original and subsequent editions, and other ancillary data concerning the publications listed herein. In many cases publication day and/or month are also provided. If a title is given in two languages, the second title is preceded by a dash (­). Titles in square brackets [ ] were given either by the journal editor or the Bibliography of Sphecidae2present compiler, not the original author. Third, I was not able to include many papers published in Japanese, even those that appeared in such prestigious journals as Kontyû and Mushi. Some but not all papers dealing with parasites of Sphecidae are included, somewhat inconsistently, as are papers dealing with sphecid morphology. Die Literatur über das ganze Gebiet der Entomologie bis zum Jahre 1862.

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In spite of these limitations, the Bibliography contains about 8,223 entries (not including crossreferences).

Unless indicated otherwise, only the papers seen by the compiler have been included. A catalogue of papers concerning the dates of publication of natural history books.

An asterisk (*) preceding the date indicates that the paper's content has been cataloged (see Genera and Species under Catalog of Sphecidae). Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History 1 (1):1­30.

When two publication years are given, the first is the actual publication year, the second (in parentheses) is the intended but incorrect year given on the title page. (1948)." means that the volume for 1948 was mailed on 27 January 1949.

Titles and journal names translated into English by the compiler are given in square brackets and are preceded by the equals sign [= ]. When two periodicals with identical names are known to exist, each is followed by the name of a city (in parentheses) where it is published. [a work of incomparable precision and completeness; many of the included publications also deal with Sphecidae] GRIFFIN, F. Examples include Entomologisches Nachrichtenblatt (Burgdorf) and Entomologisches Nachrichtenblatt (Troppau), Kosmos (Lwów, Warszawa) and Kosmos (Stuttgart), The Naturalist (London), The Naturalist (Port Elizabeth), and The Naturalist (Sheffield), Opuscula Zoologica (Budapest) and Opuscula Zoologica (München), Zoologische Mededelingen (Amsterdam) and Zoologische Mededelingen (Leiden).