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He was survived by his wife Mary and three young sons.

In England the letter 'p' was often changed to the letter 'b' (i.e., Hobbs to Hopps; Hobson to Hopson), a rather common practice in church records. Columb Major, County Cornwall, England, list the well-known Tippett family occassionally as Tibbett.

The following account will utilize the spelling most commonly found in records associated with each individual.

The surname Tippit originated in England and France and was spelled "Typet," meaning "purse maker." In The Canterbury Tales, and other works of Geoffrey Chaucer (1342-1400), the pilgrims carried small pouches which contained knives, coins or other small personal items.

These pouches were hung from a cord worn around the waist and were called typets.

[2]On April 28, 1681, Philip (1) and Mary Tippett came to St Mary's County, Maryland, probably in response to an advertisement for "free land." [3] Very often, settlers would come from England, arrive in Virginia, and then be "transported" a short distance across the Potomac river into Maryland in order to qualify for the free acreage being offered.

Many would then return to Virginia and repeat the process to acquire additional land. The son named for his father, Philip (2), was born in St. His four brothers were Thomas, William, Dennis, and John.

[9] He had three brothers (John, William, and Thomas) and three sisters (Frances, Sarah, and Jane).

The family making these small pouches eventually took on the surname Typet.

There are many variations of the spelling - Tippett, Tippetts, Tippit, Teppet, and others.

Since many of the same names appear across several generations, lineage will be differentiated by parenthetical numbers [i.e., Philip Tippett (1) had a son named Philip (2).] The earliest record of the Tippett family in America is found in Richmond and Charles City County, Virginia and dates back to 1635.

It was there that Philip Tippett (1) married a woman named Mary (last name unknown, although she was possibly from the Suttle family of Virginia, since she was living in a house owned by Suttle when her husband died in 1706).

[5] On July 13, 1706, the elder Philip Tippett (1) died. 35," gave a deposition regarding the bounds of a tract of land in St. [7] By 1711, Philip married Mary Hilton, the daughter of John and Jane Hilton. Mary's County, Maryland, to Philip (2) and Mary (Hilton) Tippett.He was the third generation of known Tippetts in America and was named after his father and grandfather.