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This Saturday, folks, the Stones' NYC Exhibitionism is going to open it's doors!

Should be a huge success as before in sleepy London town ...

so once again, only thing we can do is sit and wait and wish Mick all the best! He had his guitar with him and the two performed an acoustic version of the late Jim Croce's 1973 classic "I Got A Name".

22 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena Olé-Tour 2016 part #1 | ZIP-Code Tourstart 2015 | Tour 2014 | Start 2014 | Tour 2013 | Rehearsals 2013 | 2012-2 | 2012-1 | 2011 | 2010 ] If you want to support this site, just click on the ads if you like :-) After the race for president is over, american folks now can turn their eyes and interests to the really important events again!

Baker: You Get What You Need | New Knebworth 69-79 set | Phelge's Stones Ressources:[sdb] - shidoobee | [ro] - Rocks Off [uc] - undercover | [iorr] - iorr [ggl] - google | [hw] - highwire 07 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club 14 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club 19 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena | CANCELLED!

The Stones just tweeted a snippet from another song from "Blue & Lonesome" called Hate To See You Go! And speaking of trance blues: our friends at stonesplanetbrazil.have offered it at Sound Cloud - it's 9 times the single, but they call it "versions" (I don't know yet if that's really different versions, mixes or what, but it leaves you with 9 repeats of that trance blues stopping in at - I would easily have accepted this as an official release, had it been a session of the song with the band plaing it for 28 minutes. = Nothing's official yet, but so far, one day before the show, no cancellation has been issued by the Sones' office.

This leaves the impression, that Mick has recoverd successfully from his laryngitis. we don't know if Mick's recorery has progressed enough for making the next gig on Saturday possible.

I recon, he got that because of the desert air; he said, singing at Desert trip was like singing into a hair-dryer... = Bernard and Tim took the stage at the Sand Dolla Lounge last Wednesday! Laryngitis is hard to cure within a few days and if Mick's voice is not fit enough, he should not sing and shout for 120 minutes.

They joined guitarist Jimmy Mac Intosh and played through the set quite some of the well-known Stones songs. But you can rest assured that Mick is getting the best possible treatment for sure.

= According to two articles in the Boston Globe, the Stones and friends have set up camp at the Four Seasons.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is hosting a an exclusive party Tuesday night for his friends and business associates, including a private performance by the Rolling Stones at Gillette Stadium! That's sad, because I had hoped for another, rescheduled gig. The official statement: "Please be advised that due to scheduling challenges, the cancelled Rolling Stones concert on Wednesday, October 19 at T-Mobile Arena will not be rescheduled.