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05-May-2015 02:00

I was so overwhelmingly inspired by this that I walked 3.5 miles to vote. They did not know when they would be back in operation. So I walked 3.5 miles back home, got my write-in forms that were sent to me by mail, walked another 3.5 miles back to the voting area.

They are traitors, apart from their innumerable other sins. As Trump emphasized, his is a movement to make America great again. The coming weeks and months will determine if he is the real deal. Hopefully he will restore some reality to the political scene.

Then I saw an update on a site I visit regularly perhaps Brietbart or Drudge (I have no TV, I am TV-free for 15 years).

The update was how people that work for the government in the trenches running the voting places and monitoring the voting machines were able to catch the electronic hacking or changing of Republican votes to Democrat votes and restore the vote back to the original intention of the voter. Just as I got there it was announced that the voting machines were down throughout the entire state (Colorado). I did not want to take the chance that I would not be able to vote.

The throttle on the America destruction train has been moved from full to idle.

I just couldn't believe anyone would vote for them. Up until 2 PM Election Day I was not going to vote.

I felt that the elections were rigged at the voting machine level, the prospect of which was discouraging to put it mildly.