21 questions ask guy your dating

20-Dec-2015 19:11

You probably did less that 20% of the speaking but you got 100% of the credit!

If you’re a guy and ask a lady some great questions, you will often find yourself leaping to final base, saving a lot of legwork trying to build rapport with her.

Here’s 21 questions to ask to get conversation rolling.

They have been written from a female perspective, just switch them around if you are a guy and want to use them.

Have you been to a party and been the one asking all the questions and doing all the listening?

If you have, you will most likely agree that the other person thought that the conversation was quite interesting.

Questions are the most amazing things that we can come up with when we want to learn about someone else.

Dale Carnegie in his timeless bestselling book, “How to win friends and influence people” talks about the benefit of asking interesting questions to show that we are interested in connecting with someone else.

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Because the people who are genuinely interested in someone else and ask great questions are the people who are always popular and well liked. And at the end of the day, if you are not a natural listener then put yourself to the test and practice.

You will start to learn SO much about so many things and you will discover parts of people that are just SO interesting to learn about.