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28-Jun-2015 06:06

Another comparative study, by Deutsche Bank, noted that “Indian cities are also the cheapest for a date.” (Londoners on a date would have to pay a lot more, relatively, for “cabs, burgers, drinks, and a trip to the movies.”) Still, there is a lot of variance within Indian cities.

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Some background first, for those who may wonder why we choose to focus on inexpensive date ideas for this city.Does it mean that dating has come to a standstill in Mumbai? Besides chic restaurants and pubs where you will be expected to shell out quite an amount, Mumbai has many inexpensive dating options too.Here is a list of cheap (as in inexpensive, not “Eww! Take your date out on a drive with your windows down and let the sea breeze do the magic.R-City, Phoenix Market City, and Atria are the places to go ice-skating in the city.

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This picturesque, crescent stretch of road is beautifully lit up in the evenings.

Marine Drive also has countless romantic cafes and restaurants where you can get to know your date better, over some good food. Ice-skating is a fun activity to undertake on a date and you can be assured that you and your date will be left with a lot of funny memories from the day.