6 most terrifying dating scenes

22-Jun-2015 15:38

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They are paid well, treated like human beings (with the agency and self-determination to board planes to unknown locations with a head full of dreams of being a 'porn star and the hopes of escaping their home town), yet the film still tries desperately to supplant this with a slow descent into infantilization of it's subjects.

The film does not hide that the high turnover of débutantes in this portion of the industry generally wields a 3-4 month cycle for each actress (after the realities of the trade-off of money for loss of reputation and damage to relationships become too much for them to bare, presumably) yet the narrative still implies the idea that it's anything but their own stupidity that has lead them to this.

Unfortunately for the film makers, everything seems 'above board'.

There is definitely an unspoken, Feminist finger being pointed at 'institutions of male power' here, who 'seek to manipulate women for sexual gratification', yet the women make A LOT of cash for their troubles.

And as should be well known by now, women make a lot more than men as performers in this industry.

When a man does the same, he is hurting other people.

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defining and validating chronic diseases

Feminists watching this would be careful to invoke the 'wage gap' myth lest the reasoning be turned against them, for example.

But, when society sees a woman 'giving' away her chastity so easily and having sex with many people, it suggests the woman is hurting herself.

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