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20-Feb-2015 12:13

Game theory gives the players solid recommendations on their optimal strategy and provides an external observer with a prediction of the outcome of the interaction.

In the movie one character suggests that every boy should go it alone disregarding the others, recalling Adam Smith's (1723-1790) famous dictum "in competition, individual ambition serves the common good".

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At the other side of the bar there is a group of beautiful girls, all but one of them brunette.

The only blonde girl in the group is the one all the boys would first approach. It is a version of a scene of the movie A beautiful mind (2001) with Russell Crowe playing the mathematician John Nash.

Nash received the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics for pioneering a revolutionary theory.

The situation at the bar is an example of a game: the boys are the players and the actions they may choose (either "go for the blonde" or "go for a brunette") are called strategies.

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Should you disregard what the other boys would do and try to talk to the blonde first? If you are not sure about what to do, mathematics can show you the best way to proceed. As a graduate student at Princeton in 1950, Nash produced groundbreaking work in the mathematics of social interaction.This was the newly born field of game theory fathered by the legendary John von Neumann (1903-1957).

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