A geologist uses radiometric dating to identify Live sexy chatnon tybe

15-Jul-2016 08:27

Much work has been done in human skull measurement to investigate genetic relationships of ancient populations.

CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: Objects of unknown function made from long animal bones and carved with a row of bosses -- circular, square, or oval ornamental motifs.

After death, the proteins slowly decompose and the remaining mineral is subject to solution in acid soil conditions.

Bones are preserved on a wide variety of archaeological sites.

Interpretation may be carried out in terms of diet and reconstruction of the ancient environment.

CATEGORY: fauna DEFINITION: The connective tissues of the body, consisting of crystallite minerals and collagen.

From early prehistory, the bones, horns, or antlers of animals man hunted or kept provided him with a vital source of raw material for constructing artifacts. There are a variety of CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: Any of a serious of methods of analyzing bone samples, especially by measuring fluorine, uranium, nitrogen -- also called the FUN technique -- or by using stratigraphy.

Multivariate analysis is one method of comparison which helps to identify and distinguish bones by species and sex and for studying the genetics of groups of animals.Examples from Lerna, Troy, and Altamura date to the late 3rd millennium CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: The study of the remains of fish on archaeological sites, in the form of bones, otoliths, and scales.Relative dates may be obtained form time-related chemical changes which occur in bone, especially in fluorine, uranium, and nitrogen.Still, the most commonly used is CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: The measurement of bones to compare size and shape between different individuals.

CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: The plotting of the age and sex of animal bones, which suggests that younger and old members of herds were killed, as well as scavenging or selective hunting by humans or other predators.CATEGORY: fauna DEFINITION: The identification of bird bones preserved on archaeological sites is a very specialized skill.

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