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Evets can be created by event chairs, club executives, and site administrators. To access the Event Planner 2.0 feature, you must go to your club homepage and log in. This makes it much easier for you to track member payments for events from within your Sage or Beanstream merchant account. You also have the option to set the Status of event as Active or as a Draft.With the Event Planner 2.0 feature, you can plan out and schedule events for your club. An Active event will allow registrations if registrations have been configured.

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Click on the small calendar icon next to the date and time fields to use a pop up calendar to choose a day.The date fields must be filled in, but you may leave the time fields blank if so desired. Once you have set the date and time details, you may enter a description of the event in the text edit field. By default, the system will select the member that is creating the event, but you can change this as needed.You can use the buttons above the text field to edit the font size and style and insert special characters. Once you have entered a description of the event, you may select an image to be associated with it. Selecting a chair will automatically populate the email and phone number fields from the database.This image will appear in email invitations and on the web and in your bulletin. You can then select an appropriate image saved on your computer. However, you can manually re-enter the email and phone number as needed. You may now enter the address of the event in the provided fields. Or, if you wish to discard the event details, click Cancel. Once you have saved the event, you are taken to the Event Services screen.

You can assign your own Event Code when creating a new event, up to 10 characters long, or add one to an existing event by editing the event details. The Start Date & Time specifies the start date and time of the event.

All payments transactions for that event will have the same code, appended by the unique registration ID, making it much easier to determine who has paid for what. The End Date & Time field is where you set the end date and time.

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