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A few weeks into the semester, Ravi and another new student, Molly Wei, used a webcam to secretly watch Clementi in an embrace with a young man.

Jane Clementi, who has very straight bangs, wore a gold crucifix.

She and her husband form a tall, pale, and formidable-looking couple.

Hold on to your dreams and always strive to achieve your goals.

Some way to the right of Pazhani were Joseph and Jane Clementi.

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“Dear Dharun, It has been a pleasure watching you grow into a caring and responsible person,” the announcement said. His father, Ravi Pazhani, a slight man with metal-frame glasses, sat behind him.

We know that you will succeed.” One day this fall, Ravi was in a courthouse in New Brunswick, fifteen miles to the north, awaiting a pre-trial hearing.

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