Acceptable reasons for backdating jsa

28-Sep-2016 02:51

acceptable reasons for backdating jsa-85

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They could claim UC first but then if they have a successful cont JSA claim it will just wipe the UC out.

So it’s not possible for them to claim HB if they’re in a UC area?

The problem is the online system won’t let them claim JSA so they claim UC and then no-one advises them that they should then put in a claim for cb JSA.

We have asked the DWP if work coaches could advise claimants to apply if they might have entitlement but they have said this isn’t possible - any new training for work coaches apparently has to go through layers of bureaucracy!!!

So it appears the claimant has to work it out for themselves but because the online system won’t let them in they have to do a telephone claim.

It’s almost like the DWP hasn’t thought about how people will claim CB-JSA once UC has been introduced. They may need UC as well as cont JSA if, for example, they have housing costs.

However, if you know that they will only be entitled to cont JSA with no UC top-up then I would push them to make a telephone claim for that from the start.

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