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07-Dec-2015 13:13

The ecological nightmare virtually choked half the planet, transforming everything in its path. After a variety of options (fire, acid, bombs) failed, Zarl successfully used atomic rays to check its advance.

The people of Juno wore an Arabic style of clothing with loose-fitting shirts and pants, vests and turbans partially covered by hoods and short capes.

Almost immediately, he witnessed the worlds resident hero destroy an incoming meteor and, after a crash course in Junos language and history at a library, the Boy of Steel decided to pay a visit to the hero hed now identified as Power-Boy.

As he watched the spacecraft hurtle into the atmosphere, the scientist pulled his wife a little closer to him and a rush of optimism washed over him.

Their world was coming to an end but, for their only son, a new world awaited. The rocket had been aimed at the asteroid Juno, where our telescopes detected civilization identical to the human race and was equipped with a suspended animation chamber to protect the infant during the long journey.

Power-Boy differed from the majority by wearing a more skin-tight green tunic (with a red triangle icon on his chest containing the English letter P) and red tights along with green boots and the obligatory turban (yellow —with a jewel) and hood/cape (red).

As Zarl, he wore the tradional Juno garb and disguised himself further with eyeglasses.

The unit proved to be an unexpected blessing when it arrived in a remote section of Juno and was soon buried in the worlds dense jungle.

An incredible 10,000 years passed before an archeologist named Vorne found the vessel and triggered its escape hatch.

The gravitational difference between Earth and Juno (presumably in tandem with other unknown factors) had clearly had an effect on the toddler.At the encouragement of his parents, Zarl took the persona of Power-Boy, protecting his home of Midville and defending Juno against its greatest threat, the insidious Creeping Jungle.

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