Accomodating strategy

23-Jul-2016 17:09

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Welcome to Arminak & Associates, Inc., a leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative solutions and components for the cosmetic packaging, personal care packaging, skin care packaging, hair care packaging, cleaning & household products packaging, and automotive packaging markets.

Our strength as a company is tied to our strategy of combining contract manufacturing with a very strong overseas sourcing organization.

Arminak & Associates also offers the cosmetic packaging industry an extensive custom product design capability.

This setup is mature enough to make the process of start-up to completion a very rapid one, with built-in capability for exhaustive automatic testing as the work bench can run tournaments. Great concentration is needed to avoid silly errors.

This implementation has been designed to provide a strong engine on even tiny platforms.

As with all our game engines, this implementation of Four-in-a-Line plays very well but would fit on the tiniest device. Trap your opponents pieces between your own and claim them for yourself.This implementation can beat most human opponents, as it is a game that is well suited to computer implementation.