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One research group studied changes in cognitive performance over time in a low birth weight (less than 2000 g) group of preemies and found that the difference in IQ between low birth weight and normal birth weight children was smaller (4 IQ points) at age 11 years than at 5 years of age (7 IQ points).

Although an IQ score can provide information about a preterm child’s general thinking ability, it does not include information about specific or subtle difficulties or strengths in certain areas.

General intelligence is usually estimated by performance on a number of different types of tests, including memory, attention, visual perception, visual motor skills, visual spatial processing, abstract reasoning, and language processes.

You will sometimes here medical professionals refer to these skills as cognitive processes.

A lot of research has been conducted to determine the intellectual outcomes of children who were born preterm in comparison to their peers who were born at term.

memory, attention, learning etc.) do not necessarily mean that they will have poor IQ and academic functioning later in life.Conducting assessments of IQ (different types of thinking skills) at different ages in a preemies’ life is important to find out developmental change over time and preterm infants potential capacity to “catch-up” to their full term peers.Sometimes medical professionals will refer to an IQ score to represent how an individual is generally performing relative to the "normal" or "average" person of the same age.The table below provides definitions for ranges of scores.

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The majority of preterm children have normal IQ scores however preemies are at greater risk for impaired intellectual function.Babies born earlier and smaller are at greater risk than those born closer to term IQ stands for intelligence quotient.