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09-Sep-2015 06:30

Go back to New York and start modeling" But you didn't mind leaving him?

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Then I came back to The States and I decided to spend the holidays at home and that's when we did The Surreal Life.Then right afterwards we started dating and I figured, "Ok, time to get back into the groove." You brought that up Chris, to the producers? I want you to move in with me." It was more about her needing a place to stay because she was new in L. Christopher Knight: We were seeing each other for a month when she moved in, and the only reason she moved in is because, how do we date if she's living in Chicago?Adrianne Curry: Who convinced me to come out here?? Before we did The Surreal Life I was in Milan for awhile.

It was about commitment and all things romantic, and everyone can relate. Christopher Knight: It didn't blindside us It didn't blindside Adrianne, but did it blindside you (to Chris)? Chris, did you know when you did the first season of My Fair Brady with Adrianne, that the major theme was going to be about the fact that Adrianne really wanted to get engaged? Christopher Knight: The title is My Fair Brady and there's a reason for that.