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09-Apr-2016 03:17

Use our tag-based canned responses, message sneak-peek and keyboard shortcuts to make your work a breeze.

Adulticons gives your phone tons of adult emoticons you can send to all your homeboys and homegirls.

A dirty emoticons obviously says a thousand words on it's own, but we at least want you to have the option. Once you have been a naughty boy or girl and figured out what tasty cakes message you want to send, share it with the world!

Okay, maybe you don't want everyone to see it, but in case you do, we let you send to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App and Email.

WATCH your favorite shows as they broadcast on-air.* CHECK OUT our non-stop streaming channels (Fishcenter, Toonami Pre-Flight and more). They are animated though so you don't look attention during the minute the show is off the air.

FEAST upon clips, playlists, and FULL episodes of shows like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, the Venture Bros., Aqua Teen, Family Guy, Mike Tyson Mysteries, China IL, Loiter Squad, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, The Jack and Triumph Show, and so forth.* And now you can PAUSE video and continue watching right where you left off – EVEN if you leave the app. Either way I'd recommend this app for every adult swim user out there who considers themselves a fan of the shows that come on Cartoon Network late at night when it's really worth watching.

Simply type in the web app’s address, log in and start chatting!

The intuitive interface of our web application makes it viable to handle several customers while attending other duties.

We knew you were getting sick of the old emoticons and we were too, so we thought of the most dirty emoticons to make your texts radical again. Not only do you get adult emoticons added to your phone, but you get to keep all the original emoticons.

Add them together and see what weirdness you can make. We want to see that lovin After you pick out your adult emoticon awesomeness, you can add whatever text you want.