Adult chat for linux

19-May-2015 13:43

Internet Relay Chat is a conference service where you can exchange thoughts and effectively communicate with existing and new relations.Choose between the excellent IRC clients to get the world at your fingertis.Since its birth in 1989 IRC has become increasingly more popular and is today the standard for computer based communication.Specially interested can read the detailed RFC description of IRC: xchat is a very good chat client (GTK/GTK2).It supports scripts and everything else you expect from an advanced IRC client, and is the best alternative if you want a graphical client.It doesn't really matter what version of X-Chat you get.If you connect to a server in EFNet then you are not able to view or talk to people using Undernet.Your IRC client can connect to as many different IRC networks as you want.

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The server you connect to may be connected to other IRC servers and together these make up a IRC network.There is a huge number of different IRC networks, and only servers within the same network exchange messages.