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A list of the company's board of directors and corporate officers is available by clicking here.*Program availability varies by location and delivery method.De Vry University Jacksonville Campus, located in the Southside area, is just eight miles south of downtown and conveniently situated for students who live or work in metropolitan Jacksonville. Turner Butler Boulevard), which is easily accessed from Route 1 (Philips Highway) and I-95.

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It is obvious because the stings are not even being performed in minor oriented websites and “law enforcement” agencies such as the Polk County Sheriff's Office blatantly lie and tell the public that the stings were performed in minor oriented websites just to give the impression of guilt.…sexually oriented communication on a computer on-line service which is viewed by a child is not a violation of the statute unless the sender of the communication “knowingly” attempts by the communication to seduce the child.Also, when it comes to sexual communication, what kind of communication do the “law enforcement” officials expect when they visit ADULT chat rooms or place ads advertising for sex, talks about the weather?