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When Jim arrives, Laura is petrified to see him again. When she finally does, Jim shows no trace of remembrance.Meanwhile, Tom is itching to leave the household and seek adventure in the wide open world, instead of being held prisoner by his dependent family and a dead-end job.He often stays out late at night, claiming to go to the movies.(Whether or not he watches the movies or engages in some sort of covert activity is debatable). Tom scoffs at the idea at first, but by evening he informs his mother that a gentleman caller will be visiting the following night.Jim O’Connor, the potential suitor, went to high school with both Tom and Laura.The Characters: In the introduction of Jim O’Connor: The gentleman caller who has dinner with the Wingfields during the second part of the play.He is described as a “nice, ordinary young man.”Setting: The entire play takes place in the Wingfield’s meager apartment, located next to an alley in St. When Tom begins narrating he draws the audience back to the 1930s. Wingfield’s husband abandoned the family “a long time ago.” He sent a postcard from Mazatlan, Mexico that simply read: “Hello – and Good-bye!” With the absence of the father, their home has become emotionally and financially stagnant.

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The play is a melancholy family drama written by Tennessee Williams.It was first performed on Broadway in 1945, meeting with astounding box-office success and a Drama Critics Circle Award.The mother, in contrast, is very sociable and reminisces about her days as a southern belle who once received seventeen gentlemen callers in a single day. She quit her typing class because she was too shy to take the speed exam.Laura’s only apparent interest seems to be her old music records and her “glass menagerie,” a collection of animal figurines.

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During that time, Laura had a crush on the handsome young man.Before Jim visits, Amanda dresses in a beautiful gown, reminding herself of her once glorious youth.

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