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That very night a new rule was instituted: A Second Class midshipman (in civilian terms, a junior) patrols the halls of Bancroft Hall (the mandatory sleeps-all home to our 4,500 students) until after midnight to make sure nobody was being assaulted; a First Class (senior) then takes over until 6 a.m. I don't know that there has ever been a case of someone being assaulted in the hallways, which are fully lit and full of students.

It also means even less sleep in an institution that already insists against all evidence that it can teach students to function on a boat under sleep-deprived conditions by depriving them of sleep for their four years of college—and then punishing them for "unprofessional" behavior when they nod off in class.

(There are also suddenly mandatory musters in the middle of the night to ensure that students are really trying to sleep rather than do something else.) More fundamentally, this new policy renders more intense the atmosphere of fear and repression that has always ruled the service academies.

Of course, as well as being unable to concentrate in class, the midshipmen are infuriated—as I know by talking to several groups of them in the days that followed the abrupt tightening of the screws. "I don't feel afraid, and I don't know anybody who is." True sexual assault is of course a heinous crime and a big problem.

But actually the prohibition extends to all of the 338 (partly wooded) acres of Annapolis's campus, as it does to the Coast Guard Academy and the considerably larger estates of West Point and Air Force.

Some readers will be puzzled: Am I saying that sex itself, of any sort, not just unwanted or of the assault variety, is forbidden at taxpayer-supported service academies? Everything is forbidden with any sexual overtones or content at all, starting with hand-holding and moving to consensual sexual intercourse.

The midshipmen's short version of this is "no sex in the Hall"—Bancroft Hall, their common dormitory.

Many of the men feel that they are being told that they are potential rapists; some of the women are groaning at the suggestion that they are, or should be, afraid of their male friends and classmates. But by and large the situation at Annapolis is not of this nature: Rather, there's a lot of sleazy but predictable young-adult behavior being made into something much worse by the over-reaction of the brass, and by their inability to draw distinctions between truly bad behavior and problems created by the unwillingness of a repressive system to acknowledge reality.

Reportable behavior includes full-fledged sexual assault as well as "unwanted sexual contact" (which includes "unwanted touching of ...sexually related areas of the body").

I'm not sure that "unwanted sexual contact" in whatever gender combination can ever be completely stamped out in a college populated by libidinal 18- to 21-year-olds where men and women live cheek by jowl in alternating rooms, and where up to four men or four women share a single room.

However, I can tell the brass how to radically decrease it and reduce the tension among students to a manageable level: legalize sex at the service academies.

The day before the second semester of my 26th year as an English professor at the U. Naval Academy, the Navy's two top men, the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations, summoned the Academy's entire student body for a mandatory lecture about eliminating sexual assault at the Academy.

Both told midshipmen they were "angry" at the content of the "Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies," released in December 2012, that showed a 23 percent spike in reported cases of sexual violence and assault at the service academies (even though those at USNA were the exception dropping in a year).

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