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I took a shower outside in a stall with no door while Janet's first post-Superbowl flop, "Just a Little While," played.People seem to regard Fire Island as a utopia, and it's not hard to discern why. I heard at least half a dozen people refer to it as "summer camp for gays," which says something about the responsibility-free mindset one can adopt there.Doors go unlocked, property sits unattended, the darkest of dark paths are no threat.

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I dare someone to say something to me about me sitting my gay ass on a beach with another boy and listening to Mariah Carey and reading some trashy women's book (That said, the freedom to be as limp-wristed as you are or just want to be that day in the sun is a beautiful thing.I don't know if I made the most of that option during my Fire Island experience, but I appreciated it all the same.