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Your protection is paramount to us and we want you to be here, have fun, but STAY SAFE.If anyone ever attempts to contact you and it makes you uncomfortable, please tell a parent or trusted adult.Storing IP addresses is for “purposes of law enforcement.” In a 2013 case, the transmission of nude photos and videos via Omegle from a teenage girl to a schoolteacher resulted in a child pornography charge At the end of an Omegle chat, users have the option to save the chat’s log and share the link. We've been streaming since 2010, when "Emma" built a hummingbird nest in a chandelier hanging from our patio cover. Please FEEL FREE to ask our Room Moderators questions! Our "Room Motto" is: "Enter as strangers, leave as friends." This webcam is coming to you LIVE, from my backyard, in Southern California, in Aliso Viejo, about 2 miles from the Main Beach at Laguna Beach.Millions have visited and used the random chat features of Omegle and other similar sites just to Chat with Strangers! Omegle also states in its privacy policy that Participants’ IP addresses are recorded and stored for up to 120 days.It has to be said that Omegle, Chatroulette and similar random online chatting sites have privacy policies that prohibit children under 13 and ask people under the age of 18 to use the website(s) with their parent’s permission, Omegle introduced the concept of random video chatting in 2009 and more recently started providing monitored video chats, saying “A team of living, breathing humans is moderating video chat 24/7 to keep it as clean as possible.” Under a title that says “Perverts not welcome. The privacy policy also explains that users who save chat logs have their IP addresses stored on Omegle’s servers indefinitely, and that using video chat involves an exchange of IP addresses between participants’ computers.

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gid=131758716840583 Do you feel the HOST FAMILY is providing you with something of value by streaming live 24/7? Please don't disrespect our bird(s), our other viewers, our Moderators or our host family. We've done miraculous things here before, and plan to continue. We often have classrooms of young children watching and their safety is paramount in our room. This is not a place for advertising, promotion, recruiting, campaigning, lobbying or soliciting - nor is it an "overflow room" for other sites or webcam broadcasts. If you click on a person's name, there is a link for sending private messages to that guest. If someone doesn't want to chat privately, then please respect their privacy and stop.

Some viewers have expressed a desire to to donate toward the costs of keeping this live cam/website running. If you do, you will be removed from the room and won't be able to return again. Therefore, don't use obscenities -- even if the word in question is often used in conversation. If you are harassing other viewers or our Moderators, Ustream will be contacted and you will be reported/banned from their entire site.

If you wish to make a donation, to offset the costs of upgraded internet service required for this site, ongoing equipment and website maintenance costs, materials we provide to schools to further the education about hummingbirds, required postage and other monthly expenses to keep this site going, thank you so much... Please know, donations or not, the host family loves providing this amazing footage to you and feel blessed to know you! NOTICE TO MINORS: If you are a minor, do not EVER enter into, or respond to ANYONE here who sends you a Private Message (PM).

We ask that you stay in the "Main" Chat Room and enjoy.

For the most information, please visit our website: Join our Facebook page for the most updates/information: https:// Emmas-Nest World-of-Hummingbirds-NEW/225568787458232 ***ALSO, please join MY FACEBOOK PAGE AT: Emmas-Nest World-of-Hummingbirds-NEW/225568787458232 -- or -- We all realize there are risks involved with watching live nature. Please keep negative, pessimistic comments to yourself. Our room is rated PG during the day and PG-13 at night. Promotion of other sites: We do not share other webcam sites, websites or their addresses in our chat room. We understand and appreciate discussions about other interesting sites but out of respect to the effort and topic at hand in OUR room, please limit these public comments to a minimum. Please don't use the chat room for individual communications.

Since then, we've MADE HISTORY here (see website link below), MADE NATIONAL NEWS, had EIGHT successful nests with babies fledge, and had a whole lot of fun! PLEASE NOTE: If you attempt to share the address or link to another site in our chat room, the comment will be removed and so will you - for period of time determined by our Moderators and/or our Host.

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