Advice on dating a gang member

03-Jul-2016 01:00

“And now she sponsors other young people who are getting off of heroin. The couple met at an AA meeting and upon their wedding, Alexis told E: ‘It's really an incredible thing to learn to love yourself and then to be able to allow yourself to be unconditionally loved by another.Goodkin has been accused of not properly informing the LAPD or the L. County district attorney of his Hollywood turn -- important oversights, considering the prosecution of three of the Bling Ring defendants was ongoing when he worked on the picture, and is currently the subject of an Internal Affairs inquiry.'Alexis did not consult on this movie whatsoever.Indeed, the film has brought to light issues that Alexis has with the lead detective on the Bling Ring case, Brett Goodkin, who is currently facing termination from Los Angeles Police Department after earning ,500 for advising the film - even scoring a cameo role - while the case was still ongoing.Alexis was sentenced to six months in jail in May 2010 for her role in the high-profile crime spree, where she and friends admitted to breaking into the homes of several young celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom.It is all a far cry from the bedraggled brunette who posed blearily for a mugshot after being arrested as one of the ‘Bling Ring’ – the gang of teens who ransacked celebrities homes throughout Hollywood.

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It’s a very single dimensional representation, it’s also inaccurate as Alexis was not there the night she was charged with being at Orlando Bloom’s.

Nor did she burglarize this residence.': 'I can only hope that this movie does not just tell the story of Los Angeles teens robbing the homes of celebrities because that, I don't believe, would have much impact on people as what I believe the real cultural obsession with what the Bling Ring is.