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04-Mar-2015 19:02

By The Advice Diva The quest for beauty, age defiance and physical enhancement are at an all time high.The beauty industry, comprised of simple salons to mega-corporate giants, pulls in billions of dollars annually.Today’s society places heavy weight on good looks in the work place and in social scenes. Amidst growing liberties, democracy, the abolition of racial and religious oppression and the rising demand for an open mind one would naturally assume that our advanced culture would not treat certain individuals better simply because of advantageous genetic facial features.But we all know that this is the furthest from the truth. Doctor Nancy Etcoff, a faculty member of Harvard University and a psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, has beautifully illustrated the ageless hunt for beauty in her book Survival of the Prettiest.Some people might conclude that canvassing the importance of beauty in the dating world is a bit gratuitous.We all know its out there and it can even be considered nature’s cruelest form of sexual selection. However, I think it is a poignant topic of consideration whether you are just now entering the dating realm or you have been in it for years and whether you are male or female.Most people will say that they are looking for more profound qualities such as character, motivation, sensitivity, a commonality in activities, beliefs and a sense of humor and that looks, although important, are not at the top of the list.

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To hear a statement such as this coming from a heroine to women everywhere, it makes one want to examine why and how being beautiful or handsome plays such a dubious role in our every day lives. Etcoff examines this very thought further in her book, I think it would be best if we just accept our idealistic qualities and move on to facing them.When it comes down to selecting new single men and women we choose to date, our very first assessment of the potential mate is based on looks.People are obsessed with making themselves beautiful and more attractive for their own personal satisfaction and so others can see them they want to be seen.Not only do people search for ways to enhance themselves, but they also seek beauty and attraction in other things, most notably a dating partner.

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One of the most interesting ones involved Eleanor Roosevelt.

When asked if she had any regrets she remarked that she only wished she had been prettier.