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07-Aug-2016 09:29

Remember that they have every right to pursue their own happiness and fulfillment and our first responsibility is to be supportive and nurturing in the choices they make for themselves.

Companionship is an important part of our lives no matter what our age.

But the idea of our parents having romantic relationships can be conflicting, particularly when they’re older and it’s our first experience observing them in this role.

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There’s a difference between telling your parents they shouldn’t date, which very likely will lead to conflict, and asking sincere concerned questions like: Starting this conversation early can help both parties agree to who will care for each of them when they can no longer get by so independently and how they might accommodate each other’s plans.

In-home care clients who have planned ahead report greater levels of satisfaction, so it’s worth the time to do so.

We believe that the major parties need to address this issue in the coming general election.… continue reading »

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Compared to control groups established by propensity matching, respondents who had been exposed to the True View or standard in-stream ads showed: In short, the You Tube ads this time not only brought fame, but also advertising awareness, consideration, intent, and preference.… continue reading »

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Jews have often been stereotyped as greedy and miserly.… continue reading »

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All the chat rooms have an average of 100ms lag or less. You are talking to everyone in the chat room wihtout delay. They see whats going on in less then a 10th of a second.… continue reading »

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