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12-Aug-2016 15:59

Based on lead from nearby smelters being deposited within the rock varnish, actual physical measurements could be made.

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If a much wetter ice age climate were taken into account, growth rates would have been even faster, since varnish in these environments can grow one to two orders of magnitude more rapidly than the slow rate assumed for deserts.In other words, any rock varnish seen on the surface of the earth can form in the time since the Flood!They calculated the time to form desert varnish in a wide variety of arid and semi-arid locations in the south-west United States.On desert varnishes of various thicknesses, they arrived at dates of 1.5 to 250 thousand years with formation rates varying from 0.6 to 40 microns per thousand years.

Moreover, the dating method ‘agreed’ with other dating methods, such as cosmogenic isotopes.

Liu and Broecker concluded that desert varnish can be a relative age indicator.

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