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De Penning & De Penning patent agent India will help you fill out the necessary forms, contacting the patent office, send in your application and follow up on any issues that might arise while your patent is being processed. A patent examiner will typically send you a list of rejections.They're items that need to be corrected or modified in order for your application to be granted.To become one, one has to qualify Indian Patent Agent Exam that is held each year.Patent agent India Examination is held by the Indian Patent Office once each year.Indian Patent Office has not specified till date the maximum number of attempts to qualify this exam, which means one can appear as many times until he qualifies.Even though there is no prescribed syllabus format as prescribed by Indian patent office, one has to become thorough with procedures and practice of patent office.De Penning & De Penning patent agent can help you address those items or argue against the rejections.A patent agent is an individual who is registered for practicing before an Indian Patent Office.

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For becoming patent agent, the individual is not required to become a lawyer.By qualifying this examination is enough for practicing as patent agent.