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After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. We lived there for 4 years and grew to have immense appreciation for "Aggies". and we joked how we'd be pleased if she grew up to be/marry an Aggie. They take pride in being unique, bucking the current social trend where men are women, women are men, etcetera.

Hi, I am a single female considering going to grad school at Texas A&M. Tina My husband and I lived in Bryan/College Station in '95 when we were 30ish. There is probably no other university that develops greater character and camaraderie in its students. I think you might love it, and despite your approaching age 30, there are many grad students in that ballpark-age. Live your life fully, stay joyful and that magic will happen when you least expect it, as many say. There are tons of singles, many of them grad students and probably closer to your age, and yes they are all going to be straight in college station.

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a&m is very strong in engineering, teaching, agriculture - tends to attract more conservative types. Only one thing you must be concerned with, your car, kitchen, and more will be maroon for a very long time. I am sure you will find what you are looking for in College Station, both academically and personally.

Because I am almost 30 and marriage-minded was seeking info. I am wanting to attend a University also that preferrably has more straight men than women. To be fair, I do recall thinking it would be a difficult town for a 30 SOMETHING, not a student, to get out and find someone. ) that everyone under 30ish was a student/under or grad, and everyone OVER that approx. I have heard that it's a tough town, say if you're a 30- something faculty member, in terms of "dating". I have to say that I hated college station and the aggie culture. I may be a little late judging by the dates of the previous posts but here is my two cents. I attended Texas A&M for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

I think you should seriously consider it, at least checking it out. My good fortune is something I thank God for daily. They have an intense school pride, to the point of delusion. If you like conservative, traditional, predictable, then this is your place. I now live and work in College Station and still have strong ties to the University. I've seen many of my friends (both male and female) find a spouse at A&M.

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