Air travel dogs sedating

23-Oct-2016 10:40

Before Your Flight The Day Of The Flight Community Q&A Dogs can travel on planes, however there are additional regulations and restrictions to consider before a flight is booked.

Researching the process is important so your dog can stay healthy and happy while traveling.

Anxiety, discomfort or failure of temperature control systems can result in stomach upset—the kind with vomiting or diarrhea—or other ills.

Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese and other short-faced dogs can suffer breathing difficulties and even die.

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For one thing, altitude affects a dog’s equilibrium, even in a pressurized area. ) If you and your pet like to travel together, Pet Airways is your best friend. They don’t keep asking how much longer it is until you get there and they’re always ready for at ail-wagging good time.But unless you’re driving to your destination, transporting your dog can be a problem.You just have one more thing to decide: should you sedate your pet for the trip or not?

That can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems, especially in those cute short-faced dogs and cats. “The temperatures in the cargo compartment are much more extreme than in the cabin, and tranquilizers can blunt the dog’s ability to pant or deal with being overheated or being cold, so I don’t recommend them if they’re going to be in cargo,” says Scott Shaw, DVM, assistant professor at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton, Massachusetts. You're packed, you have the health certificate and you are ready to take that much needed vacation with your pet.