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16-Aug-2015 17:27

"I'm always glancing at the people approaching the lounge trying to pick up the courage to speak to someone about being their plus-one without causing an awkward scene," she said, adding, "flying is a pretty lonely business and transiting tends to be boring. We're encouraging fellow travelers to be kind to strangers, socialize more, and why not use the app for dating?

" While we admit swiping for love sounds like a great way to kill time at the gate, we have a few questions about the promotional video. We guess you'll have to download the app to find out.

Namely, how did the app magically appear on their phones? Best known for high-end shopping, Miami International has plenty to keep travelers occupied.

Stores like Coach, Brookstone and Emporio Armani line the terminals and have led the airport to a top ten spot on Cheap Flight’s best airports for shopping list.

The app, launched by two frequent fliers (Jessika Nilsson and Fred Roeder), connects travelers in airport lounges to either keep each other company or, in true rom-com form, facilitate the airport meet-cute you've always dreamed of.

Co-founder Nilsson told The Huffington Post that the idea to launch the app came from trends she noticed in airport lounges around the world.

Here's a handy guide to your most immediate questions. Wingman matches people exclusively by their airline and flight number -- so you're only skeeving on passengers who are actually on (or about to board) your plane. After the fasten seatbelt light is turned off, you're welcome to move about the cabin, visit the lavatory in tandem, or simply hover over the guy in the aisle seat while sharing a fun-size Snickers with the attractive blond sitting in 22B. Won’t meeting someone while stuck on a plane be the worst?

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Could your soulmate be hiding amidst the cast of characters you encounter at the airport?

Lounger, described by Boarding Area as the "Tinder for frequent travelers," thinks it's possible.