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17-Nov-2015 20:10

There are currently 4 in the city with each a good spa that includes hot pools, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam.The massages provided are very hot: Body-to-body massage, Nuru, Ice and Fire Blowjobs, etc...It is a bit run-down and the spa/karaoke is not so busy anymore.It is in a relatively good location though, just between the airport and the city center.Regarding short-time and girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta, as I mentioned in my Jakarta Hotel Guide, almost all of them are guest-friendly.The only exceptions are family-run guest-houses with shariah rules.

It seems some therapists are willing to have sex with customers too depending on the tip they get.For the lounge, you have regular sexy dancers and striptease where the girls go full nude.The Twin Plaza Hotel is considered an "entertainment hotel".This hotel has a busy spa, a karaoke and a nightclub called Oppai.

Massage services are similar to those you can get in Orchardz properties.Note that none of the sexual services are part of the SOP, everything is under the table.