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If you see something that is out of whack, right click on it and chose “Properties”.

A third format you might run into is FLAC (click here for a guide to converting FLAC to mp3 in Linux on You accidentally imported that Papa Roach song you thought you had deleted in 2002? You can either choose “Remove” and remove the file only from your Rhythmbox library (leaving it to linger in the depths of your hard drive), or you also have the “Move to Trash” option, which will solve the problem for good next time you empty your trash.

All of these formats are support by Rhythmbox, although you will most likely have to install a plug-in or two to use it (if you try to add a file that needs a plug-in, Rhythmbox will ask you if you want to download the appropriate plug-in. I’m not sure if dubstep can be imported into Rhythmbox tho because I have NEVER EVER TRIED IT. Open the Home folder, navigate to where your music is and drag it into the Rhythmbox window. LABELING If you’re like me, you like your music organized and labeled correctly.

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Most files are decently labeled, but some need help.Usually when I add something new I will go through and make sure everything is well with the spelling and whatnot so it doesn’t accumulate.Once open, you get a nice friendly application that is practically begging you to give it music. – Music (CD/music file) – Whether you purchased some music on the internet, got it from a torrent, or your friend shared some with you on Dropbox, or ripped it from a music disc, you can add it to Rhythmbox..mp3 files are still the most prolific format, but you also run into a lot of .mp4 (which is also known as .m4a) thanks to Apple.

This guide will help you get your collection up and going on Ubuntu.

WHAT YOU NEED – Ubuntu (full install or virtual machine) – Conveniently, Ubuntu comes with its own music managing program called Rhythmbox. You can access it at any time through the speaker icon in the menu bar and choosing “Rhythmbox”.

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