American states mandating that the value of pi is 4 original soundtract we are dating now

03-Dec-2015 06:40

Physicist: We sometimes get questions about physical constants changing, and those questions make sense because there’s no real reason for the constants to be what they are.

But π is mathematically derivable; it kinda needs to be what it is.

π shows up in way too many places to make a meaningful statement about the impact on the universe, one way or another.

american states mandating that the value of pi is 4-69

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For example, even though doesn’t, on the surface of it, have anything to do with circles, it’s still equal to π (there’s a loop floating around halfway through the calculation).

For instance, imagine drawing a circle on the surface of an orange.

You can’t, through the power of reason alone, figure out what the gravitational constant or the speed of light are, but you So this question is doubly profound!

Unlike other constants, if π were different, then scientists (mathematicians especially) would continually have the sneaking suspicion that there’s something deeply, wrong with the universe.

If this were the case, it might indicate something about the geometry of spacetime.

If space is not flat, that can change geometric relationships.