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Sensing the invisible white Gestalt in gay spaces: phenomenology and affect. This thesis makes an original contribution to the field of racialized embodied subjectivity and racialized spaces by theorizing the lived-Body using Edmund Husserl's phenomenology of embodied sense to develop Frantz Fanon's concept of embodied dissonance in relation to racialized information present within the invisible white Gestalt in white gay spaces. This thesis looks at the racialized experiences of gay black minority ethnic (GBME) men in white gay spaces within England.

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Here I show how sense can enable complex understandings of the social interactions.

Finally this thesis explores how atmospheres in white gay spaces can be sensed by GBME men, here I show how atmospheres may be racialized to exclude GBME men. However not all participants felt that BME communities were more homophobic than the White community.