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07-Jun-2016 03:57

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HOWEVER, the underlying functionality seems to remain functional ( can continue to toggle the brightness and the screen will respond, but the different drawables will not change).The graphics are stuck in one state and will not change.So if you use the stock Power Control Toggle widget (the one with wifi, bluetooth, brightness control, etc) and try to toggle some functions you'll notice that the drawables will not change.I can't seem to figure out what is triggering the problem. Link to the group discussion: RHB4Sc A/discussion There is a temporary and inconvenient workaround suggested in the thread: The problem might be with the stock Launcher app, because if you "force close" or clear the data for the app, upon reset the widgets will update their icons/drawables/gui again.Force closing is preferred since deleting the Launcher app data will reset your shortcut/widget layouts to stock.I have attached an adb-bugreport of my Nexus S 4.0.4 while it is in the "frozen" state.If you try to use a widget like the You Tube widget, nothing at all will show up on the homescreen.

This fix only works for a few hours then the problem reoccurs.It's very aggravating and if widespread there could be a lot of users blaming (and one-starring) app developers.- The problem (on Nexus S official ICS 4.0.4): Widgets are "frozen" visually/graphically (no longer update).That is, if the widget involves content/drawables that updates or changes (like a clock, weather widget, or even the stock Power Control toggle widget) you will notice that it no longer changes.

It is simply invisible; apparently due to the fact that the whole widget is dynamic by nature. First occurrence: Immediately after updating OTA to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) 4.0.4 from Gingerbread 2.3.6 (about a day or two ago).Subsequent occurrences: Simply wait a few hours and widgets will suddenly stop updating. ****** Temporary workaround ******* I have searched the Google groups and others seemed to have run into this problem when ICS first rolled out OTA for Nexus S back in Dec.