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26-Jun-2016 03:44

A widget runs as part of the host app process so we need Remote Views for updating the UI and Pending Intent for performing any action.We can only use a limited set of widgets and layouts for the widget UI as listed here.This is my code for the widget class and activity that calls the widget update: public class Motivapp Widget extends App Widget Provider { @Override public void on Update(Context context, App Widget Manager app Widget Manager, int[] app Widget Ids) { Update(context, app Widget Manager, app Widget Ids); Intent intent = new Intent(context, View All.class); Pending Intent pending = Pending Intent Activity(context, 0, intent, 0); Remote Views update Views = new Remote Views(Package Name(), R.layout.widget); // update Text View Text(widget_text, input); update On Click Pending Intent(widget_text, pending); app Widget Manager.update App Widget(app Widget Ids, update Views); } public class View All extends Activity implements On Click Listener { @Override protected void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { Create(saved Instance State); set Content View(R.layout.all_view); } protected void on Resume() { Resume(); update Widget Text(); } private void update Widget Text() { Layout Inflater inflater = (Layout Inflater) get Application Context() System Service(Context.

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Additionally, we can override on Deleted(), on Enabled(), and on Disabled() for receiving various callbacks.

You can learn more about using App Widget Provider class from the official docs.

We have modified the generated code (by ADT) as follows.

public class Vocab Widget extends App Widget Provider { public static final String ACTION_UPDATE = "com.appsrox.dailyvocab.action.

Recall that in widget provider class we used on Enabled() and on Disabled() callback methods for scheduling and clearing the alarm through utility methods. public class Util { public static void schedule Update(Context context) { Shared Preferences prefs = Preference Default Shared Preferences(context); String interval = String(Settings Activity.

INTERVAL_PREF, null); Alarm Manager am = (Alarm Manager) System Service(Context.