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26-Feb-2015 08:15

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Had Enrile and Ramos not defected from the Marcos administration, the military then would have probably dispersed the crowd even before their numbers reached a hundred.Fortunately for those who took to the streets to support Enrile and Ramos, the military did not touch them.I’m tired of reading stories from old farts about the so-called “people power” revolution that transpired at EDSA in 1986.These old-timers hold a tradition to relive the tale over and over and this year is no different as Filipinos set out to mark the 30th anniversary of the event.

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The stories seem to be growing on trees lately and some of them are annoying because they omit the important role played by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile & former President Fidel Ramos in the lead up to the event.Cory Aquino wasn’t even present during the three-day rally as she was said to be hiding in Cebu but her supporters keep crediting EDSA’s “success” to her.Truly, after all the build up, the ending of the EDSA story was an anticlimactic letdown. Being stuck in the past is a phenomenon that occurs when nothing significant has happened in the succeeding years following a supposedly seminal event or when things went downhill from a happy and glorious event.While the peaceful revolution was hailed worldwide and impressed the international community, three decades later, not much has changed in Philippine society.

It’s no secret that the military respected both Enrile and Ramos in those days and possibly until now.The people should also give credit to the late former President Ferdinand Marcos for not insisting on shooting or using water canons on the protesters.