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ON strictly legal grounds, lawyers and justices will probably consider this as immaterial and irrelevant to the case of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that has now moved to the Supreme Court for resolution. If as Harvard moral and political philosopher Michael Sandel is correct when he writes that, “Justice is about answering the question ‘what’s the right thing to do?But I put it to the learned justices and the nation—that it is in every way material to consider: First—That Arroyo is the economist and leader who passed the policy reforms that paved the way for the revival and resurgence of the Philippine economy. ’ then the full impact of the Arroyo presidency on national life must be weighed by the High Court in resolving her case.Significantly, the Philippine reforms commended by the fund were all launched and undertaken during the term of President Arroyo and not during the current term of President Aquino.Specifically, the IMF cited a range of measures implemented in the 2000s to alleviate poverty and inequality.

Aquino III has relentlessly persecuted and prosecuted Arroyo for all kinds of offenses, including plunder, electoral sabotage and corruption, and proven nothing.

IMF on policy reforms Whenever President Aquino speaks of Aroyo’s decade of leadership (2001 – 2010), he has derisively called it “the lost decade.” It is a blatant lie.

To quote the report: “In 2002, the Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services Program provided resources to poor rural municipalities to invest in public goods.

A package of pro-poor spending programs was launched in mid-2008 to mitigate the effects of the international food and fuel crisis.” Both these periods fell under the term of Mrs. The IMF continued: “In addition, conditional cash transfers, also introduced in 2008 (also under Arroyo), set health and education goals for participants that aim to alleviate persistent inequality in access to education.” “With a limited budgetary footprint (0.4 percent of gross domestic product), the program had covered 75 percent of all households identified as poor by the national targeting scheme by 2013,” it said.

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And his cronies in the private sector and the media have conspired with him in propagating the lie.

Third—Aquino has systematically taken (stolen) the credit for Arroyo’s legitimate achievements as President.

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