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19-Jan-2015 06:22

The INC even specifically pointed out the government’s failure to bring justice to the Special Action Force commandos massacred at Mamasapano, Maguindanao, two of whom were INC members.

The Catholic backlash against the INC’s political action is inconsequential, as the Catholic Church does not have command votes.

But despite Roxas’ intense lobbying, the INC leadership had sent word that it could not support his candidacy in 2016.

This was because the INC felt that Roxas was a failure in the two Cabinet posts he held and that the Aquino Administration — which it supported in 2010 — had not delivered on its promises.

Roxas 2nd has made the INC his mortal enemy, which feels its survival is at stake.

Roxas’ camp may have even forgotten that the INC has a popular TV and radio broadcasting network — a powerful force in mass political mobilization and in coup d’etats.

The INC’s TV station Net 25 is even more professionally run and has a stronger TV signal than the government’s NBN station, which pathetically has been totally inutile in countering Net 25.