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27-May-2016 07:20

Henrietta Leyser, a historian at the University of Oxford, has written Beda: A Journey Through the Seven Kingdoms in the Age of Bede as a practical guide to the medieval world – highlighting the eighth-century monuments which have clung on to survival all this been the centre of Christianity in England since 597, when St Augustine landed there on a mission from the Pope to convert the Anglo-Saxons, and it remains the home of the country’s most senior bishop.The archaeological site was originally discovered by metal detectorist Graham Vickers, who found an ornate silver stylus dating back to the eighth century.After reporting the find to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which encourages the voluntary reporting of artefacts discovered by members of the public, he returned to the ploughed field and subsequently discovered even more of the writing tools, eventually unearthing another 20 styli.Not only that, but he also uncovered around 300 dress pins and a huge number of “Sceattas,” thick silver coins used during the seventh and eighth centuries.

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“It’s one of the most important sites of its kind in that part of the world,” the University of Sheffield’s Dr. “The quantity of finds that have come from the site is very unusual, it’s clearly not your everyday find.” Whether the settlement was an unknown monastic center or possibly a trading hub is still not clear.The university has so far dug a number of evaluation trenches, which are already beginning to yield valuable information, with one showing that an area of the island could possibly have been used for industrial working.