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30-Oct-2015 14:50

I'm an old man so don't expect Brad Pitt on the other end.Maybe more like cess pit in my case." The nation's favourite soap villain then...DESCRIBED his graphic sexual fantasies including threesomes, romping in public, using toys, and performing un-natural sex acts BRAGGED about his star status on East Enders, claiming everyone was "awestruck" around him SLAGGED OFF co-stars Wendy Richard, Kim Medcalf and Shane Richie and labelled Jessie Wallace "a vile dog".BRANDED half the cast as "w*****s" and hinted at drug-taking on the set.On one occasion he was interrupted by a production crew "runner" knocking on his door telling him when to start filming for East Enders.The star's secret sex antics will disgust his loyal army of fans and horrify his East Enders bosses.PLANNED to meet the girl for sex and fantasised about smuggling her into his dressing room.

And, shockingly, his perverted behaviour is paid for by TV licence payers - as Grantham uses his BBC dressing room phone line for his laptop computer and web camera.

As he and the pretty blonde stranger swapped webcam sex scenes Grantham joked: "You have to remember one thing.

EASTENDERS star Leslie Grantham is a secret webcam pervert who exposes himself to girls on the Internet, The People can reveal.

Grantham lived up to his screen nickname Dirty Den last week when he stripped naked in his BBC studio dressing room and sent disgusting pictures of himself through his computer to a 23-year-old blonde.

MOANED about over-work and having to film "bollocks scenes" despite his #200,000 a year salary.

BROKE OFF his sex talk to go back on set while still physically aroused.