Annie clark dating landon liboiron

21-May-2016 18:56

) Her dating history since breaking up with him — if you can count boner-fiend Wesley, the ever-statutory Dr.

Chris, and now bear-hugger Owen as “dating” — has been a disaster. admitted to being more in love with Declan (Landon Liboiron) than she is with Sav.

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brought the end of “Fadam,” as Fiona finally realized she only liked the girl-half of transgender boyfriend Adam (Jordan Todosey.) And while the announcement came as a shock to Mama Coyne (aka the classiest woman of all time), I think everyone’s a little relieved to hear Fiona’s not into guys — at least this means she won’t be kissing her brother again!And even though Fiona’s dreams were full of “Folly J” action, she decided not to act on her impulses with Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) — not yet, at least.Maybe Fiona isn’t as attracted to girls on dialysis as she thought she did.Meanwhile in Degrassi-land, Alli (Melinda Shankar) continued her mission to tutor the school’s less-scholarly types in the hopes of getting in good with the teachers.

And then there’s Anya (Samantha Munro), who can’t seem to do anything right with guys lately.

She got Owen (Daniel Kelly) a second chance in CRP class after his big emotional apology last week, only to be greeted with a super-awkward bear hug from him at The Dot.

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