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02-Oct-2015 11:21

They both met on the set of Comedy Circus and gradually started dating.” When we contacted Preeti who is head over heels in love with Kapil said, “I am not a celebrity so what quotes or confirmation I will give.” She then said it’s our personal matter, please let it go.

He is reportedly dating Preeti Simoes, creative director of Comedy Circus..A little birdie from the industry quips, “Kapil and Preeti are very much in love and they have been seeing each other for more than two years.Though they are outdated, sweets like kheel, pathasha, and pathanda (something like the South-Indian dosa) are a must-have on this day.Other than that, women usually keep fasts as part of the ritual.

Pahari style For paharis (hill people) Diwali is not much about crackers and fireworks, but about being together and warding off the evil of darkness.

Says Manorama Sood, homemaker from Sector 28, "Since mountains are cold by this time of the year, Diwali means cooking rich food, holding a puja and lighting a fire.