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01-Feb-2015 11:32

the ability to enable software update only mode in 10.9 via defaults write or modifying any plist file has been specifically removed.The only way to accomplish this task starting with 10.9 Mavericks forward is via a configuration profile.This could be accomplished by running the install as the user ( value).As I said before, we're not using Casper's MCX capability currently.Is anyone using restrict-store-softwareupdate-only in a configuration profile? System Level Enforced Domain: /Library/Preferences/ Key: restrict-store-softwareupdate-only Value: True(that's key type boolean).It does work as in it disables all tabs except "Updates", but the Updates tab itself won't load properly: It does realize that there are updates (it shows the badge on the App Store icon), but the page won't load. I tried several solutions to get than running on 10.9.x and it did not work for me. @chlaird are you trying to make it so that your non-admin users can't update their software, or do you want them to be able to do that, but not be able to buy things from the App store?Here's the weird thing, the exact same profile works fine if I do a clean install (not based off of an image). Additionally, we (and many others) have an option in Self Service that grants users temporary Admin access for just such occasions as the one you mention.Maybe Mavericks doesn't like how the image was made??? /url" @chlaird OK, so what I tested worked, with some caveats.

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After imaging the computer and applying the config profile, it disables all tabs except for the Updates, which is correct. It works well for us, but I'm not sure that's exactly what you want. We're looking for a way to block non-admins from buying/downloading apps, but to keep the "Updates" tab enabled.

What I did was created a package to drop the mobileconfig file in place, then created a simple script to install it.

This seems to be working now in 10.9.1: Although the only Setting that shows up in the Profile is "Restrict Installs To Admin Users": "Software Update Only" and "Disable App Adoption" are not shown, but the settings are applied. The profiles utility (terminal) ignores the Payload Scope key when you run it, and so if you install the profile via /usr/bin/profiles as an admin or root user, the profile will take effect for all users.

Obviously it's just working via config profile. I still have the problem, that sometimes App Store doesn't list the updates, although I know there are updates available. Run as the user, the profile is scoped solely to them.

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It shows the badge icon that there are apps available, but the page never loads. I cannot leave my students with a full App Store, because they install all free crap on their machines. We're trying to find a better way to keep our labs "current", but an "emergency" where a user in class couldn't install the newest update made us realize it might be nice if users can do updates, but nothing else Hey @chlaird][/url, I'm going to test something and get back to you.I thought it was a firewall issue at first, but ML works fine. I'm modifying one of the boolean elements in my mobileconfig file to see if it will work for you.

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