Are mr and ms jay dating

27-Jul-2015 23:24

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I know some people don't put much stock into the hole astrology thing, but I am a firm believer it has been our Aries spirit, drive, passion and fire that has carried us both through the worst and best of times.So while the blogs and Internet were buzzing with the news of my dearest friends "firing", I had a pretty good idea that Jay would be tucked in his New York City hotel room going about his business as if nothing had happened.Fanatics of Now I know there are many people who might doubt the fact that Miss J. But I challenge you to spend just five minutes walking down a city street with him either here in New York City or his adopted hometown of Paris, France.Over the years I've seen adult women tremble and cry, schoolgirls screech and shout, and full-grown heterosexual men giggle and swoon from sheer excitement at an in-the-flesh sighting of Miss J.It's because it would take us two hours to walk 10 blocks if he stopped for every photo request or over zealous stranger trying to hold their mobile to his ear asking, But as the Law of Mr.But in New York City any self-respecting starlet, power-broker or fashionista knows that one must bravely and gracefully glide through those iconic glass doors, saunter up the shiny steel staircase, and enter the glorious Four Season's Pool Room and declare to the world, ", production companies and network producers -- we found ourselves almost an hour and a half late for our prime 1 p.m. However, this may have been a blessing in disguise.By the time we made it to the restaurant it appeared the Internet gossip had taken a bizarre turn towards the Macabre.

" I, of course, immediately rushed to call my best friend of over 20 years and asked, "Jay, oh my God -- is it true?" This question was followed by a dramatic and pregnant pause -- and then we both began laughing hysterically...