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He’s been telling the group Frank isn’t winning any competitions where BRidgette has. Da’Vonne – Ain’t no changing Zakiyah, My PAul’s heads.

James says if the POV is played Paulie is going up. They are freaking out that Frank will flip the house.

Michelle – I want you to stay over Bridgette hands down you won’t come after me she will.

Frank says Bridgette will go after Da’Vonne and Zakiyah.

am Safari room Michelle and Frank Michelle wants to know all Bridgette’s secrets.

Frank – what do you mean she has no secrets Michelle – I want her out more than you Frank – everyone else wants me out Michelle says one of them is going home. Frank – I want to flip the house in a different direction..

Frank brings up Zakiyah and how she’s the meanest to Bridgette.

Frank says when Zakiyah is in the room and Bridgette walks in, “she has this look on her face like she smells sh1t.. Michelle says she can’t work with Bridgette Frank – I’m going to be honest with you .. It’s a personal thing Frank points out the dangers of going with the other side Frank – she’s one of the most loyal people in this house..

That is what the fans want to see the house flipped Michelle says he has been making deals left and right and none of them included her. Michelle Everyone, Nicole, Zakiyah Frank – I hate Zakiyah’s guts Frank says Da tried to make a final 2 deal with him day 2 ..he was in a final 2 with Nicole and that is all he had.