Are stephan jenkins and vanessa carlton still dating

25-Feb-2015 04:33

“I decided to crack out of the shell,” Carlton said during a phone interview with Live Daily. I’ve reminded people of this traveling piano and then shattered it in order to start anew and open a new chapter. Nothing was going to kind of get in the way of it being great.

I’ve gone through so many changes and evolutionary changes since that first video. The intensity between us, if anything, I think helped things along.

Either way, I’m glad these ladies have found each other.

You may know that Vanessa used to date Stephan Jenkins, pouty lead singer of Buzz Ballad band Third Eye Blind.

But she’s this earthy, amazing person at the end of the day.

It’s a coming-of-age thing.”In the past few years, I was touring with Stevie [Nicks]. She helped me get through the transition of finding a new family and all those moments at night when you doubt yourself. Stevie [Nicks] did come in the studio a couple times and noted that it was similar to Fleetwood Mac [laughs].

You wonder if you’re ever going to release another record or what’s going to happen to you in this crazy music industry. I’m curious as to whether this was a matter of Vanessa obsessively basking in Stevie’s murky glow, or if Stevie Nicks is just really bored these days.

Vanessa Carlton, of mobile piano fame, recently put out a new album on The Inc., formerly known as Murder Inc., and in a desperate ploy to get people to care about That Girl Who Sings That Song With The Video Where She Rides The Piano, label head Irv Gotti has trapped and domesticated Stevie Nicks, somehow convincing her that Vanessa Carlton is worth her time and effort.

A bad breakup would come to influence the tone and musical direction of subsequent, increasingly less commercially successful albums.— her first in four years — is her most tranquil to date, a muted collection of heavily reverbed dream-pop that plays out to ultimate non-descriptitude, but has a lot more to do with the folk-tinged music of singer/songwriters like Jenny Lewis or Judee Sill than the piano-pop bombast that once made her a household name.Finger-picked guitar is at the heart of much of this music — perhaps the result of her Nashville surroundings (she moved there after marrying Mc Cauley) — but she’s also claimed Nicks and Philip Glass as influences.It’s worth a look if Carlton’s early work was formative for you.

Arising as Michelle Branch’s more baroque, ivories-tickling doppelgänger in 2002, her first single “A Thousand Miles” remains a radio favorite on soft-pop stations, making for a good pairing with, say, Five for Fighting’s “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” or David Gray’s “Babylon.”Though her second single, “Ordinary Day,” charted relatively highly, and helped take her debut album was a relative failure, and created a schism between her and her label when she shirked input.The album’s co-producer was Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins, who became her boyfriend.

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