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16-May-2016 05:55

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Next time you take her out, when you about to say bye bye, as she walk away, call her back and say that you forget to tell her something. Especially, when it comes to the more conservative Asian cultures e.g.(Japan, South Korean, Chinese) are just a few to mention.

Unfortunately, she never initiates any form of communication.

I always text her first and she responds appropriately, in a way that doesn't kill the conversation (usually with smileys).

So I am a black guy - straight up dark skinned African. We've been facebooking and texting for about six months now.

90% of our classmates are Asians, so non Asian dating options around me are limited.

as you, I am 6'2 and all the asian girls I have date (4) are also short.

I am a player type so I might not be the right guy to give you great answer about how to maintain a relationship. You may think she's interested but she's clueless of your feelings for her.

Two weeks ago, I asked her out for dinner and she said yes. Our conversations are always great and not awkward at all.

We haven't held hands or kissed yet but we usually hug intimately.

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But what I can say, most asian girls are shy (some wild one thought, I know from experience) but you have to initiate. Im African as well, not to dark and I've had success with asian women just twice but they told me they liked me, both chinese. With no doubt Asian women are shy and usually will not make the first move to initiate a conversation.Women in general love a confident guy, who smell great. Do keep in mind that in many Asian cultures the women wait for the man to express his interest in a relationship.